OUR MISSION:  F.R.E.E. the captives

    • By engaging in the battle on multiple fronts to profoundly impact the issue
    • By creating 2nd-stage homes and programming for survivors coming out of partnered safe house programs
    • By hosting retreats to provide rest, revival and equipping for those who serve this population
    • By hosting men's events to build strong men and strengthen families
    • By hosting community events to raise awareness and to prevent exploitation

The VISION of PHF is to strengthen families and restore survivors of sex trafficking.  We provide second-stage homes and programming for survivors coming out of our partnered safe house programs.  With rare exceptions, survivors desperately need continued healing, restoration and personal/professional development before they are ready to confidently re-enter society.  Pure Hope Foundation will continue the great care that began with our partners in first-stage safe house programs, and add a myriad of therapies and training to assist the young women in preparation to live and thrive independently.

We will host retreats to empower advocates of trafficking survivors to provide rest and equipping to continue to do the important work they are doing.  Without rescuers, there is no rescue.

We will host men's events to build strong men and address the issue of trafficking at its source, rather than from a symptomatic approach.  When men stand in their rightful roles, families are strengthened and children are protected.