What is the PHF Ambassador Program?

The PHF Ambassador Program trains volunteers to educate the public (students, churches, community groups, etc.) about  Pure Hope Foundation and trafficking through social media, in-home and online events and, in some cases, through the power of public speaking. Ambassadors are equipped to inform others on what human trafficking is, how it happens, how to recognize the signs, and how to be part of the solution to ending it. Ambassadors serve to exponentially grow awareness & support Pure Hope Foundation’s mission to strengthen families and restore victims of trafficking. 

Why raise awareness? 

We desire to raise up an army to bring awareness to the dangers of trafficking and give hope to those that have been victimized by this awful reality. Many of the young women we serve at Pure Hope Foundation were trafficked through a series of events and subtle exposures. 

What if someone had gone to their school and educated them on what sex trafficking was? What if they could have recognized the signs?  Would they have known how to ask for help? Would it have even happened to them? We believe that awareness leads to prevention, early intervention and restoration when needed. If people do not know trafficking is a problem, then nothing will be done to stop it. 

Two Types of Ambassadors:  Local and Pro

* Local Ambassadors host in-home &/or online events and share social media posts.
* Pro Ambassadors host in-home or online events, share social media posts and speak in schools, churches or community groups. 
* At both levels, we provide the materials and train you

Interested in becoming an Ambassador? See how below.

Requirements for Local Ambassadors (in-Home & share social media):

* Fill out Ambassadors Application
* Attend ONLINE Ambassador Training  (Dates TBA) 
* Pass Background Check
* Submit 2 References (a friend, pastor, employer, or family member) to ambassadors@purehopefoundation.com)
* Read Typography of Modern Day Slavery Report (Polaris Project): Download Report Here.
* Read PHF Founder, Kathrine Lee’s book, Interrupted (available on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/154114810X)
* Understand, respect and be able to communicate vision and mission of PHF
* Commit to doing at least 2  in-home or Facebook Live events a year 
* Attend online quarterly update meetings
* Willing to share PHF’s social media posts/events

Requirements for PRO Ambassadors (public speaking and/or assist at events):

* Everything above PLUS:
* Complete brief interview with staff
* Attend the online public speaking training. (Next training TBA)

Characteristics of Ambassador: 

* Respectful 
* Passionate
* Kind
* Integrity-Keeps Word; No Gossip
* Professional
* Self-Motivated — Takes initiative
* Willing to learn and stay educated